Reconceptualization of Psychosis Diagnosis via Brain-based Biomarkers


Reconceptualization of Psychosis Diagnosis via Brain-based Biomarkers

Join us for a public lecture by  Brett Clementz, PhD, Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Georgia.

February 5, 2015 @ 2:00pm
College of Veterinary Medicine Main Building,
Room 311wave brain illustration University of Georgia, Athens, GA

About Dr. Clementz’s Research
Understanding neural circuitries that support sensory processing as a function of context in both health and disease. This involves discerning how neural activities in a “controlled” system (e.g. sensory cortices) are influenced by a “controlling” system (e.g. prefrontal cortex). With EEG, MEG, and eye movement paradigms, this work investigates sensory registration, ability to bias sensory input given situational demands, attentional selection, and ability to appropriately manipulate sensory information to select context-appropriate responses. Primary focus is deviations in brain functioning associated with psychosis.

This seminar is a apart of the Neuroscience Spring 2015 Seminar Series.  For more information, contact Jesse Schank at

Sponsored by University of Georgia Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute