Membership Levels

Become a BHSI Member

researchersApplying to be a member of the BHSI is simple. All that is required for any level of membership is:

  1. Completion of the BHSI membership application, specifying research description and interests
  2. Creation of a COS Pivot CV

Anyone with a vested interest is biomedical and health science research at UGA is welcome.

Membership categories and their definitions:


A nationally and internationally recognized, senior level (i.e. tenured) academic researcher with an extramurally supported, active research program(s) in the field of biomedical and/or health sciences. Members will identify an area of interest (Division) within the BHSI and will participate actively in the instructional programs of the BHSI (this does not necessarily mean that Members will have to teach new courses since teaching in their home department may be considered if these course are relevant to the instructional needs of the BHSI). Members may have graduate students in a BHSI graduate programs(s) and are eligible for participation in BHSI-sponsored programs such as seed grant awards, symposia, visiting scholar awards, and nominations of students for the ARCS Foundation Awards. Members will be reviewed and evaluated by the BHSI Executive Committee every five years for continuation.

Associate Member

A non-tenured faculty member who does not currently have a funded biomedical or health sciences program, who wishes to establish or participate in a BHSI-related program. In association with a Member mentor, Associate Members are eligible for participation in all BHSI programs. Associate Members are reviewed every three years for continuation or promotion to full Member status.

Affiliate Member

This new category of membership was established by the BHSI Council to cover nonacademic/non-UGA members. Prior to implementation of this new membership category it will be necessary to clearly define the nature of the relationship between the BHSI and the Affiliate Member. There will need to be some sort of defined quality assessment as well as guidelines explaining the interaction between Affiliate Members and university faculty, staff and students.