ARCS Awards top $1 million to UGA students


ARCS Awards top $1 million to UGA students

ARCS Foundation is a national, volunteer organization of women dedicated to advancing science through scholarship.

The Atlanta Chapter began partnering with UGA in 2000 through the Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute. Since then, 145 awards surpassing $1 million total have been granted to exceptional UGA doctoral students in science and technology disciplines.

“There really isn’t another award like this, and I’m just so excited for some of the things that I’m able to do now,” Stephanie Herrlinger said of the Global Impacts Award she received,
which granted her $25,000 over the next three years.

So far, she has used the money to attend the Society for Neuroscience conference in November, purchase software to organize research data, and to enroll in a course on molecular neurodegeneration at the University of Cambridge in England.

Herrlinger is one of 12 UGA graduate students in fields ranging from biochemistry and genetics to ecology and engineering to receive an award this year. This year’s ARCS Scholars also include Lydia Anderson, John Avery, Erin Baker, Daniel Becker, Heather Bishop, Chris Cleveland, Kerri Coon, Marcus Goudie, Danielle Lambert, Wided Najahi-Missaoui, and Cecilia Sanchez. All students were selected¬†for their leadership skills, academic strength, and research. For more on these students, see the 2016 Announcement.

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